Friday, October 12, 2012

Welcome to the Bellevue-Stratford Blog!

Hello! and welcome to The Historic Grand Dame...! The first-ever blog and website devoted and dedicated to the infamous and legendary Bellevue-Stratford Hotel of Philadelphia fame! Here you will find photographs and articles pertaining to the Bellevue-Stratford as well as timelines and prior/recent photos of the interiors and exterior as it appears in its present-day form.

This is not only a blog, but also a website advocating for the restoration of this historical Hotel! Royalty, nobility, presidents and the like have lived and stayed at the Bellevue-Stratford. For years she was the purveyor of the Assembly Ball, which Philadelphia's High Society looked to with promise.

Once a five-star Hotel with 1,090 rooms, the Belle of Philadelphia has fallen to four-star status with heavily renovated exterior and interior details. Though having gone through three renovations and remodeling and a partial restoration she still is considered Philadelphia's Grand Dame!

Below is a link of courtesy (opens in a separate window) to the petition site for the Bellevue-Stratford's hopeful restoration (an ACCURATE one at that) as well as a link to the unofficial Facebook Group "Restore Our Grand Dame! Restore the Bellevue-Stratford!"

Enjoy your time at my blog and I hope the pictures/archive photographs and articles are enjoyable as well! Please let your friends know about this blog, as well as like-minded people who are interested in preserving historic interiors and architecture! Thank-you for visiting my blog and if you would like leave suggestions or comments to help better it!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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