Saturday, October 20, 2012

French Gold and Tomes

The opulent State Library with its Tekko wall-hangings...

The State Library "Gold Room"

Golden trappings, amidst dark polished wood with gilt decoration… The appearance of an early French salon, in all its finery and opulence… The Gold Room was just that, opulent.

The State Library or “Gold Room” as it was popularly known during its hey day was the perfect replica of an early French salon. Its beautiful paneling was polished San Domingo mahogany in dark tones. The great fireplace with its gilt decoration and mirrored mantel also was dark mahogany. The walls were hung with a high-quality Tekko of gold and reflective motif giving the room its signature name. The draperies were gold with heavy brocade and silk underline. The lofty ceiling, like that of the State Drawing-Room which one could come from to the State Library easily was painted with tones of grey and gold, bas-relief accents in gilding and decoration. The walls with their San Domingo mahogany paneling were heavily molded in bas-relief with all the accents in gold-leaf finish. The effect and visual appeal of this room was all at once stunning and beautiful!

With the ravages of time, and the advent of modernization of every single detail of older buildings the Gold Room fell through… The Rubin Co. did with all other interior spaces of once opulent decadence and splendour stripped the Tekko from the walls, painted over the mahogany paneling and gutted the beautiful fireplace with its gilt-relief mantel. Today it is used as a storage room for linens, and tablecloths…

What a disgrace.

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