Saturday, October 20, 2012

Viennese Splendour

Professor Eichmann's beautiful scape...
The Royal Blue Room

A Viennese masterpiece, of craftsmanship and furnishing! The scape of reflective blues and motifs brilliantly streaming across the lofty walls… This was the Royal Blue Room.

Like all of the major state rooms, the Royal Blue Room had its own elegance and beauty, decorated in signature style and charm… The lofty walls were hung with a beautiful Viennese wall hanging brought all the way from Vienna and created by Professor Eichmann. Its effect stunningly beautiful once viewed on the walls… the hand-brushed embossed effect not readily apparent or attractive in any department store! The low wainscot in polished cabinet trim, and an immaculate fireplace with crown-molding and beautiful bas-relief in polished decoration and tones of wood. Furniture of harmonious tones manufactured by Wanamaker as was all the furniture suites of the Hotel! The ceiling in bas-relief of golds and blues and paneled in harmony with the rest of the beautiful interior… The great draperies matching the embossed wallpaper hangings.. The period lighting and exquisite eye to detail…

The unique quality and beauty of this interior space would be jeopardized and ultimately erased by the ravages of corporate renovation and changing tastes… The great hangings on the walls were stripped… The entire room blocked off by a contemporary renovation of a wall and today it houses most likely, the storage/offices of Polo Ralph Lauren…

What an absolute disgrace!

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