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Pooley Furniture Co. Suite - The Viennese Tea-Room...
The Architectural Record - Volume No. 17 - Page 270 Published: January 1905

The Bellevue-Stratford, Philadelphia's newest and handsomest hotel, was designed by MESSRS. G.W & W.D HEWITT, and the general contract was entrusted to THE GEO. A. FULLER CO. THE AMERICAN BRIDGE CO. furnished and erected the steel frame which is protected from corrosion by two coats of graphite paint made by THE DETROIT GRAPHITE MANUFACTURING CO. The electrical and mechanical engineering was undertaken, in its entirety, by MESSRS. FRANCIS & BROS. & JELLETT. The ornamental metal work, including the elevator grilles was executed by THE WINSLOW BROS. CO.

Much Attention has been paid to the decorative features of this monster hotel. The parquetry floors were manufactured and laid by MESSRS. HEATON & WOOD, and the excellent artificial marble work, including seventy-six large columns, is the product of THE MYCENIAN MARBLE CO. The stained and leaded glass was designed and executed by ALFRED GODWIN. The furnishing of this fine hotel was placed in the hands of JOHN WANAMAKER, and Mr. Boldt, the lessee, has spoken in terms of the highest praise of the results achieved. Most of the furniture is after special designs, and harmonizes perfectly with the style of decoration of the various apartments.These chairs, for the Viennese Room, were made by THE POOLEY FURNITURE CO., and are excellent examples of the furniture of the period. The same firm supplied all the furniture for hotel. MESSRS. SHARPLESS & WATTS are responsible for the beautiful tiling found in this most beautiful building. The same firm also supplied the soap-stone hearths and the medicine chests, together with similar work. All the enameled brick below the ground level, aggregating 400,000 brick, was supplied by THE AMERICAN ENAMELED BRICK & TILE CO. This vast area of enameled brick furnishes the lining of the kitchens, bakery, refrigerating and similar rooms. The cooking equipment was furnished by THE DUPARQUET, HUOT & MONEUSE CO. THE AMERICAN LAUNDRY MACHINERY CO. furnished the laundry appliances, making this particular laundry one of the best equipped and most up-to-date in existence. The repair shop, upholstery room and iron room are thoroughly protected from fire by automatic sprinklers, the product of THE INTERNATIONAL SPRINKLER CO. THE LAMSON CONSOLIDATED STORE SERVICE COMPANIES have installed their famous pneumatic-inter-change tube system, and THE LOOMIS-MANNING FILTER CO. has furnished the hotel with a modern filtering plant. A watchman's clock system has been put in by THE HOLTZ-CABOT CO., who are leaders in this particular branch of electric installation work. The safe was made by THE YORK SAFE & LOCK CO., while the safety deposit boxes were installed by THE LOWRIE SAFE & LOCK CO. No expense has been spared to make this one of the finest hotels in the country, and none but first-class craftsmen had a hand in its construction, equipment and furnishings.

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